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Vision and Mission

Mission of the Society

The mission of the GIDC Education Society is to endow with technical education at the Degree as well as Postgraduate levels to enrich the people of the country in present technical scenario.

The Society has decided:
  • To establish Degree Engineering College equipped with all latest facilities to produce trained engineers to fulfill the requirement of the industries and society
  • To provide an ideal platform for teachers, students and professionals.
  • To promote horizontal and vertical networking.
  • To improve quality of technical education with socio-economic and environmental needs of the industries and the society at large.

The GIDC Education Society is dedicated to uplifting and empowering humanity through the three jewels of seva (service), shiksha (education) and sadhana (sustained efforts, i.e. dedication).

The GIDC Education Society is committed for promotion and development of education in various fields and branches of Engineering, Management, Technology, Information & Communication and to carry out such other projects having similar objects.

The GIDC Education Society is aiming to work without any distinction of caste, creed, race, religion and socio economic status within the region of Navsari, Gujarat. It has focused its efforts to improve standards of living through education and vocational training programs, as it feels that these are particular areas in which the region is deficient

The GIDC Education Society is aimed to explore undergraduate Engineering Education in Navsari District for the students with the tools they need to succeed professionally, including a comprehensive subject knowledge based in four years of rigorous classroom study, hands-on involvement in academic and industry research projects and practical experience through internships in industry.

The GIDC Education Society likewise hopes to increase access to higher education in Gujarat, leading to raising the skill base of the population, improving their chances for employment and increasing general living standards in the state as a result.

Vision of the Society

To grow as a premier education and research institute in the field of Engineering with global view point and serving with world class standards conferring excellence to the engineering products through dedicated and competent Engineers

To grow Engineering institution of excellence with the environment of commitments and continuous learning approach.